Texas Screenwriters Lee Shipman and Diego McGreevy Find Success

Statistics show that only .0001% of screenwriters ever make it to Hollywood. Nevertheless, screenwriters Lee Shipman and Diego McGreevy have burst onto the scene. Their most famous work to date, was the writing of the Hollywood hit Zorro Reborn.

Shipman and McGreevy met at UT in a the exclusive Michener Center for Writers. This program only accepts ten writers every year, and is privately funded by a generous donation from the late James Michener. The two took fiction and screenwriting workshops together, and quickly became friends. Both later went on to graduate in 2007.

Their first work together was entitled, Of Every Wickedness. The story was about african american slave girls who were being killed in a slave colony Clarksville. The story took place in the late 1800’s and it focused on the divisions caused by race, gender and inequality. This project was a finalist in a major screenwriting competition, and caught the attention of Hollywood agents. Theses agents were impressed with the writer’s ability to create compelling characters in such a thematically complex environment.  After the competition, Shipman and McGreevy flew to LA to meet with agents, managers and producers.

Both writers found they had a natural ability to charm moviemakers, and currently have a variety of projects in the works. The biggest of these is a large-budget reinvention of King Arthur. The two are also rumored to be working on a television project for producer Laurence Fishburne.

With youth, ambition, creativity and luck on their side, it looks like nothing can stop Shipman and McGreevy. It would be wise to keep an eye out for anyone of their upcoming projects because they are sure to be a hit.

While these two do seem invincible, they both have their weaknesses. Lee Shipman is a sucker for karaoke and loves to be on stage. He is happy to sing anything, but prefers Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra. McGreevy is stuck on fiction and had been working on a passion project for the last four years with no end in sight.

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