“Enjoy the gift of time..”

This was one of the first emails in my inbox this morning. “Enjoy the gift of time.” It is interesting how sometimes one’s professional and personal lives can intersect with 5 simple words. A big theme in my household in to “live in the present.” So many times we can get caught up in working towards the “next thing.” One becomes focused (almost to a fault) on completing certain task or achieving specific goals. As a result, you can lose sight of the present. You are living for the future, instead of living in the moment. This can be detrimental because we never know how much future we really have on this earth. So many people struggle with a myriad of adversity in this world. In addition to helping those less fortunate, we all (myself included) need to respect and appreciate the here and now – the good things. We can all find ways in which we are blessed. I know that I will do a better job of recognizing this and focusing my energy on being present – here and now. Enjoy the gift of time. 5 simple words. Let’s all enjoy that gift right now.

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