Pet Insurance is growing, but what about other ancillary benefits?

Growing need for Pet Insurance (but what about other Ancillary Benefits)?

You will see in this article that there has been a significant increase in the desire for employees to have pet insurance as a voluntary employee benefit.  I can understand that as pets are a part of our family.  Thankfully, the article also mentions the trend that employers are looking to group Pet Insurance with other types of ancillary benefits to offer employees more choices.

It seems to me that if people want to protect their pets, they might also have the desire to protect their identity or even their important electronic files, documents and pictures.  Whole-Home Technical Support & Online Data Backup are beginning to gain traction in this space as well.  If an employee is going to pay to insure Fido, you would think they would also want to save the videos of their kids on birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc., right?  With the average family having four smart phones / tablets, it seems that everyone wants their data NOW!  A tech support benefit can ensure down time is avoided.  Coupled with a data backup plan, most families can avoid the stressful experience of a daughter losing the pictures and videos she took for the past 2 years with all of her friends.  On a serious note, I am glad ancillary offerings are gaining traction in the employee space.  Over the next 5 years, pet insurance will not be the only value-added benefit with this type of hype.  Keep your eyes on the variety of other products to gain popularity.

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