Lee Shipman opens new office for Ocenture in Mount Pleasant, SC

As Ocenture continues to expand it offerings into the voluntary benefit and affinity marketing space, Lee Shipman has opened a new office to accommodate the inevitable expansion of the company  Ocenture is one of the industry leaders in private label product development, support, and implementation.  Product offerings which have been popular in many verticals include Identity Theft Protection, Credit Monitoring, Whole Home Consumer Technology Support, Online Data Backup, Roadside Assistance, and a Shopping and Entertainment Program.  Ocenture’s deep-discount wholesale model, flexibility with project customization, and speed to market capability are appealing to its partners – present and future.  The office is located at 1002 Anna Knapp Blvd., Suite 101, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464.  Mount Pleasant is in the Charleston, SC metro area.

Lee Shipman develops partnerships with organizations that incorporate Ocenture’s product offerings in many capacities. These partners utilize the Ocenture’s solution-set based on the needs and goals of their organization. The products can be implemented as value-added voluntary benefits or integrated in an affinity marketing capacity. Lee develops mutually beneficial partnerships with companies and ensures that that the Ocenture product platform will assist them in achieving their goals.  Ocenture’s clients typically aim to expand product offerings, generate recurring revenue streams, or eliminate disparate vendor relationships by utilizing the wide array of products within the Ocenture product suite.

Feel free to contact Lee at (904) 766-1600 ext. 7485.  Lee is the Vice President of Business Development at Ocenture.

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