Looking to Brand Nontraditional Insurance Products as Your Own?

Are you interested in adding revenue generating products to complement your core insurance offerings, but don’t have the time to search for the right products one at a time?  Maybe you have an idea of products that could be incorporated, but you lack the administration and support to brand, market, and service these products?  There are many companies in the market promoting a variety of nontraditional voluntary benefit offerings as the need for these products increase.  But, most providers have a “canned” selection of products (or even just 1 product).  The approach seems to be “here is what we have to offer – take it or leave it.”  While I do not want to minimize the efficacy or integrity of the products available, it is important to note that the same approach does not meet the needs of every company.  TPA’s, Brokers, Enrollment Companies & Employers have different strategies as to how they wish to incorporate these types of product offerings into their benefit platform.  What if you could develop and tailor product bundles and offer them as your own?  What if someone else could do this for you at no charge?  Ocenture has a unique array of product offerings that can be customized to meet the needs of your employers & employees.  These products can be bundled and branded based on the goals of your organization.  In addition to a seamless integration process with your platform, Ocenture can assist you with marketing tools and educational items to promote these products behind your brand – all at no cost.  In addition, Ocenture provides back-end support and administration to assist with product fulfillment and customer support.  Feel free to reach out to learn more about the model behind our partnership opportunities.

Lee Shipman, Vice President – Ocenture, can be reached at (904) 766-1600 ext. 7485 or via email at lshipman@ocenture.com.

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