Increase Revenue per Customer in 2014

As we enter Q4 2013, companies are finalizing their 2014 initiatives.  In some cases, core business is moving in the right direction; year-over-year trends look good.  There is a sense of optimism as 2013 closes and 2014 emerges.  Some companies may reflect on challenges recently encountered; they are looking to make critical adjustments to regain traction and surpass 2014 goals.

Regardless of your present trends – one theme always persists:  growth.  This growth may be related to revenue, profit, locations, relationships, operational processes, etc., but the theme of growth permeates throughout conference rooms across the country.  If you could find a partner to facilitate this growth without adding overhead, would you be open to the possibilities?  If there were small adjustments that could be made to your core business to drive a higher percentage of revenue to the bottom line, would you make them? Finally, did you know there are companies with whom you can partner to actually serve as a profit center instead of a cost center?  While I cannot speak to all companies that meet these criteria, I can speak to the capabilities of Ocenture.

Ocenture utilizes a unique product suite as revenue generation tools to drive sales and profit growth for your company.  As an IT company, Ocenture can customize and tailor a product offering that will meet the needs of your company / association and its employees / members / customers.  Clients of Ocenture fall into many categories: employee benefits, TPA’s, benefit enrollment platforms, satellite dish retailers, financial institutions, associations, affinity groups, e-commerce, and many more.  Here are some ways to view the scope of capabilities at Ocenture:

Do you have a membership for whom you want to embed products or services within the membership fee to add value?

Are you a broker interested in offering a robust ID Protection product to employer group?  How about having this product private-labeled as your own brand?  What if the commission available was the most aggressive in the market?

Do you have an inbound call center in which you wish to monetize your existing & future customer base?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to explore partnership opportunities that may exist with Ocenture. Products which resonate well as nontraditional voluntary benefits or in an affinity marketing capacity include:

Identity Theft Protection, Credit Monitoring, Whole-Home Tech Support, Online Data Backup, Shopping & Entertainment Discounts, & Roadside Assistance.

Feel free to contact Lee Shipman, Vice President – Business Development at (904) 766-1600 extension 7485.  Lee Shipman operates the South Carolina office for Ocenture in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Ocenture is based in Jacksonville, FL.  Lee can also be reached at or (843) 670-2016.

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