bswift Service Lines – Providence Technology Solutions



 The Providence Technology Solutions (PTS) team has over 13 combined years of experience working with the bswift platform.  Our team is proficient in many areas of the bswift platform including (but not limited to):

  • Best Fit
  • Ask Emma
  • Complex rate structures including, Defined Contributions, Community Rates, Credits and Surcharges, Rate Drivers and Filters
  • Billing Suite
  • Data Imports

 QA / Testing:

  • Test benefit enrollment sites and configurations including smoke testing, requirement verification testing, functional testing and user acceptance testing
  • Create client specific User Acceptance Testing scripts
  • Consult with clients on best practice configuration revisions during the testing phases to rectify any outstanding discrepancies
  • Perform additional retesting as necessary until configuration passes all phases of testing


  • Conduct client discovery sessions to gather configuration requirements
  • Build client sites based on requirements
  • Import all demographic census files to populate site
  • Import all benefit enrollment data when an open enrollment was not being conducted
  • Work with clients to create custom reports in the Report Center
  • Develop all end user documents including manuals, quick guides and system releases


  • End User Guides for all users – Top Dogs, HR Admins (Managers), Employees
  • Quick Guides for open enrollment
  • Requirement Document Suite
  • System Release Documentation as well as development of release strategy:
    • Evaluation of all of the changes rolling out with the release with recommendations for which items should be implemented
    • Development of a release update rollout strategy based on the final items
    • Modify the bswift release document to include only those items that are being rolled out such that the document could then be provided to employers
    • Update all relevant documents including the requirement and user guides with these changes

Open Enrollment:

  • Conduct client discovery to gather open enrollment change requirements
  • Update site configuration for OE changes
  • Site testing prior to OE as well as produce any client facing test scripts if necessary
  • Post open enrollment reporting
  • New hire rules
  • Term rules
  • Benefit class change rules
  • Rehire rules


  • Import weekly ACA accumulator imports for those not able to be automated.
  • Review ACA accumulator imports for error and report any corrections needed for automated imports to Client.


  • Develop EDI file feeds for medical, dental and vision using Feedbuilder including mapping specific client account structures to system design, establishing secure FTP connections to deliver files and testing files for enrollment discrepancies prior to moving the file into a Production environment
  • Facilitate file integration between bswift and other benefit vendors such as Flex and COBRA
  • Monitor vendor interfaces and troubleshoot integration issues
  • Monitor the Vendor Interfaces to ensure EDI files are being sent and received weekly and accurate data is transmitted
  • Work with EDI specialist and carriers on new file implementations during build, testing and deployment
  • Review carrier file reports, researching discrepancies and provide recommendations for data corrections

Please call Lee Shipman at (904) 512-6448 for more information.

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